Yearning to go back to the vinyl days? Here are the six rules of record collecting.

Written By The Record Guru - May 16 2016


Brad Clark
May 16 2016

Ruke 6 1/2: If you, the reader, don’t want to lay out 750 Samoleans for a VPI, you can spend 1/10 of that and get at least 9/10 the results of a VPI. It’s called a Spin Clean. Google it. I have a 25k plus collection of vinyl (and just as many 78s), and the Spin Clean does wonders.

Rule 7: When you show pictures of 78rpm records, THEY’(mostly) NOT VINYL. Just a little credibility check. Also, if you, good reader, are going to collect 78s, get a proper 78-capable turntable AND at least ONE of the correct stylii for the wider groove. Also, some kind of re-equalization will help, as most 78s were not recorded to RIAA spec. What is RIAA spec, you ask? Google it.

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