10 Modern Albums That Cost a Bomb on Vinyl

Written By The Record Guru - August 31 2016


January 05 2016

Hopefully for you you don’t know the price that vinyles are baught on Discogs…

Sometimes it goes even more crazy prices…

William Wagner
January 05 2016

Sweet, I have both “Manners” and “Demon Days” on vinyl.

Howard Phillis
January 05 2016

Now feeling a little smug that I picked up a VG+ copy of The Avalanches on eBay for $24 a month or so back :-)

David Axelrod
January 05 2016

What about my Marvin Gaye!?

January 05 2016

Another one is Little Dragon’s debut album on wax…like $300 on discogs I think. Purity Ring’s debut album in “flesh” color goes for a grip too. Probably any band that has a strong cult following.

January 05 2016

That Mars Volta record, while it is my favorite of their first two records, is not even their most expensive. That honor goes to Frances the Mute, which commands upwards of $500 on Amazon.

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