Confessions Of A Vinyl Junkie by David Bowie

Written By The Record Guru - January 19 2016


Vinyl Connection
January 30 2016

Wonderfully eclectic and eccentric.
Some new, some known, all interesting.

paule deneau
January 25 2016

This reminded me of John Lennon’s Juke Box a few yrs ago,like Bowie, some of his favourite listens. Bowie’s choices seem more esoteric, eclectic and even incongruous /Florence F Jenkins)! although close to music hall/or Isle of Dog’s campy pubs. Some unlikely pairings from other famous artists: Glenn Gould loved British pop singer Petulia Clarke: Leonard Bernstein relaxed with the Beatles’: BB King listened to Hank Williams, on a jukebox) and after his friends’ criticism said..this music tells stories: and Charlie Parker was fascinated by the jerky, fast head movements of a bebop influence./not the chicken his car ran over btw).

January 24 2016

John Lee Hooker and Tupilo and Linton and Forces….wow, I’m bouyed to think David loved those albums too……we are all so connected through our generational music…..x

January 22 2016

Bowie’s musical tastes were as eclectic as was every other aspect of his life. Very interesting man.

January 20 2016

The Syd Barrett track Bowie tips from ‘The Madcap Laughs’ is Dark Globe. The Spotify listing has No Good Trying…can that be fixed?
Intoxicating list!!!

January 20 2016

David Bowie would not have referred to his record collection as “vinyls”. No chance. Not one. Zero. That said, if he had lived, he may have found a way to harness the vacuous density of the millenial generation in order to subvert and re-invent popular music all over again.

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