Written By Jozua Zhang - February 09 2017


February 14 2017

Very cool

February 14 2017

What a beautiful thing! Would be nice to ad such a great gimmick to my collection!

February 13 2017

Oh wow! That hologram looks amazing. I would love to win this!

jonny dub
February 12 2017

wow that record sounds amazing and the hologram is a great touch. Jack White did a similar thing with a hologram angel on his record Lazareto.

great stuff and an awesome give away. keep up the fine work

February 11 2017

How cool! I have the Star Wars holographic record release, and it always awes people when I play it at work. Would love to have this album!

Lorena R
February 11 2017

Oh, that looks and sounds amazing. Hope I win it…

February 11 2017

Holy crap, winning that would be beyond awesome. :D Count me in!

Christian Saxon
February 11 2017

Looks awesome! The music is even better, would love to have this!

February 11 2017

It’s Hal from quantum leap in vinyl form. Ziggy Ziggy…..Ziggy is malfunction. Enjoying the music Sam.

February 10 2017

Idesperately need this! Not for myself, but for one of my dearest collegues who really deserves a reward for being the best colleague on this planet and for doing a great job and for cheering me up and for so much more (like buying ice cream)! Please!!!!

Huseyin Bekir
February 10 2017

Let me explore mine and My friends minds with this awesome vinyl masterpiece

Christianne Belair
February 10 2017

Beautiful album, would love to add this to my collection!

February 10 2017

Yeah, this is sweet!

February 10 2017

Looks awesome, would love to give this a spin!

Tim Friedman
February 10 2017

I’d love to give this a spin!

olga krasteva
February 10 2017

Oh! Want!

February 10 2017

I think its really cool how innovative all these new ideas to enhance vinyl are. I cant wait until like 10 years from know when there are even more innovations on every record. Thanks so much!

February 10 2017

Crossing my fingers! Looking forward to listening AND watching this one!

February 10 2017

This must be a great plus to my collection!

February 10 2017

Such an interesting and hypnotic sound. Would love to spin this to relax after a hard day.

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